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Hi, I'm Emma.

Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) & gut health practitioner

I am a certified nutritional practitioner (CNP), and First Class honours graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition (IHN). 


I specialize in gut health, digestive disorders & the gut-brain connection.


The balance & diversity of the gut microbiome can be the root of health or dis-ease states in the body. I empower individuals to restore their gut so they can reclaim their mind, body & state of well-being. 

I spent the majority of my life living out of alignment - both mentally & physically. I was diagnosed with a variety of conditions that affected both my mental & physical health (ie: generalized anxiety disorder, C-PTSD, & autoimmune conditions) & experienced daily chronic symptoms that affected my quality of life. 


A whole approach to healing my gut not only gave me back my mental & physical health, but supported & impacted every other aspect of my well-being.

I am passionate & committed to helping you reclaim your health with a root cause focused, evidence based & holistic approach.

My method values your bio-individuality - resulting in a customized wellness plan of action that includes dietary, lifestyle and supplementation support based on insights from functional medicine lab tests.


When given what it needs, and removing what it doesn't your body is innately capable of healing!

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"All disease begins in the gut"


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